09 July 2018

Giorgetti: 120 years of intelligent manufacturing

A new logo. A book and a film. A celebratory piece of furniture and the re-edition of two works. Fitting rewards for one’s own 120 years of rigorously Made in Italy design and creativity. 2018 marks Giorgetti’s 120th anniversary, more than a century of history that the brand wants to share with those who have made it possible, gathering memories, moments, experiences and ideas and using them as the starting point for building a future made of beautiful things with global appeal.

The new logo, with its original spiral motif, signifies the uniqueness of Giorgetti manufacturing, while paying homage to one of the brand icons - the broom handle that characterises the arm of the Progetti armchair. Its soft yet pared-back lines are reminiscent of the designs produced by the company since 1989 and to the production process that Giorgetti harnesses for shaping the detail that has made this chair collection famous. The innovative look of the logotype is intended to evoke the lightness of spirit with which the brand looks back at its 120-year history and forward to the future, mixing artisan tradition and stylistic innovation uninhibitedly.

Object to Project. Giorgetti design since 1898 is the name of both a book and a short film produced to celebrate the protagonists that have made the company into one of Italy’s leading design brands. They tell of the industrial landscape and the factory as a cognitive agency, a community of makers, meanings and values, and the history and stories of the sort of Made in Italy that has always known how to seamlessly incorporate high added value processes and content. 120 years of intelligent manufacturing in one of Italy’s historic furniture-making districts – Meda, Brianza – which through the years has honed the skill to translate and represent beauty in all its products.

The Cabinet of Memories is the evocative name of a very real wunderkammer designed by Chi Wing Lo, a poetic rendering of the company’s extraordinary history. This powerful and stunning work is a sophisticated cabinet of curiosities designed to narrate the emotions stirred up by Giorgetti furnishings, which are the upshot of refined design experience in which the designers’ vision meshes perfectly with the savoir faire of the company’s master craftsmen. It is a journey through the past, the present and the future of the brand, encapsulated in a sculpture/cabinet with essential and sophisticated lines. Like a precious casket, the piece is made of maple wood and is composed of 120 compartments, in a balanced alternation of pale finish and dark wood, symbolising a continual cross-referencing of past and present. Marrying the ancient and precise art of wood processing with technological experimentation, expressed through the use of carbon to confer materiality to the door surfaces, each compartment of The Cabinet of Memories represents a strand of time and, overall, narrates the sophisticated quest for excellence in the brand’s design and craftsmanship.

Lastly, having identified the creative foment of the 80s as one of its most seminal production periods, Giorgetti has plundered its own archives and re-edited two visionary designs, Dry and 50250, made by Matrix, a chair/small armchair put together with an interlocking technique, and a highly technological folding armchair, respectively. Testament to the fact that when a company reaches such a great milestone, there is an urge to carry past successes into the future, reading and interpreting the way markets and consumer tastes have changed over time, tackling the competition with determination and continuing to create wonderful and beautiful things.

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