05 November 2018

Porada. 70 years of wood-driven passion

Seventy years old but not feeling it. Porada is a successful brand that has put solid wood at the heart of its design and its collections. It has effectively become an international brand, with an extremely varied client base.

It all began with a passion for a particular material – wood – skilfully worked by craftsmen with the ability to turn a tree trunk into a small work of art. Founded by Luigi Allievi in 1968 with the intention of continuing to produce chairs, which he had been doing since 1948, Porada has successfully reinvented itself, grown with undimmed enthusiasm and passion for timelessly elegant design. While solid wood remains at the core of Porada’s products, other noble materials such as marble, metal and crystal have gradually been introduced. The result is classic products, informed by first working in collaboration with local designers and then with international designers who have helped to enrich the history of the brand.

The seventieth anniversary celebrations began with three historic pieces that have taken on a “new life” through a new re-edition. Without altering the original design, new solutions for the finishes and details were identified, lending them a distinctly contemporary feel. The three pieces are the Tondo table, named after its rounded frame, the triangular Tony side table and the round Trittico table. Every piece in this re-edition is embellished with a small brass plate commemorating the company’s 70-year milestone.

“Our motto is ‘Learn, live, dream’ which underscores our leanings towards a corporate vision constantly projected towards the challenges of the future but with its roots firmly anchored in our past and in our history. We are now into our third generation and we intend to carry on in this direction, in a spirit that is constantly looking to tomorrow,” says Laura Allievi.


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