09 November 2018

Training Centre and SaloneSatellite Permanent Collection

New spaces for the Legno Arredo ITS Rosario Messina Foundation Training Centre and the SaloneSatellite Permanent Collection that it houses.
The Legno Arredo Training Centre was launched in 2013, providing educational courses designed to bring young people into contact with local professions and respond to sector-wide labour market needs. A number of courses have been launched over the last five years for young people aged between 14 and 21, which include classroom-based teaching as well as company apprenticeships, geared to creating highly specialised figures that are in high demand from a constantly evolving market.

The Legno Arredo Training Centre was informed on one hand by the firm belief that a return to craftsmanship is key to safeguarding the continuing excellence of Italian industry and, on the other, by the need for new professional figures capable of managing the complexity of industry 4.0, workers who would not be fazed by the new automation and digitisation production processes.

While the aim of the Centre is to turn out highly-trained and enthusiastic young people who can bring about change and innovation in the furnishing world, the new Permanent SaloneSatellite Collection has been launched to narrate and display the energy, vision and approaches of the young designers who breathed life into the first 21 editions of the event and who can now justly say that they’ve “made it.” Strongly endorsed by Marva Griffin, founder and curator of the event launched at the request of the Salone del Mobile in 1998, the collection is an anthology of products showcased over the twenty one years of SaloneSatellite as prototypes and as part of the SaloneSatellite 20 Years Collection, a special edition of pieces designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the event by renowned designers whose careers took off at SaloneSatellite.

The opening of a permanent space dedicated to designers under 35 at the Legno Arredo Training Centre, in which the pieces will be rotated periodically, is a natural complement to the Institute, a testing ground and launchpad for the many young people keen to plan and design their professional future within the wood-furnishing sector. The collection is tangible proof of what study, work, commitment and passion can bring about, and will act as a stimulus to the many students who pass through the centre’s doors.

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