05 December 2018

70 years of Minotti

2018 is an important year for Minotti, a sort of link between past and future. The company is celebrating its 70th anniversary - a lifetime, or rather, the commitment of three generations that have created and fuelled a brand with the power of the emotions and values of being a family.

Started in 1948 by a workshop of artisans specialising in the production of sofas and armchairs, Minotti is now a global example of Made in Italy. It has undeniably been a long and challenging journey, but one ripe with satisfaction, that has seen the baton pass from the father Alberto (the founder) to his sons Renato and Roberto, the incorporation of new technological solutions into the manufacturing process without ever foregoing the element of craftsmanship, the collaboration with the architect Rodolfo Dordoni (ongoing since 1998) and the brand’s expansion into the global market through a multicultural and digital approach.

Rodolfo Dordoni has been interpreting the company’s style in his own inimitable way for the last twenty years, sharing its guiding principle of “innovation in the name of continuity.” It is under this banner of innovation that, on the eve of these celebrations, Minotti has laid itself more open to new designs and interpretations by such established figures from the design and architectural worlds as Nendo, Marcio Kogan and Christophe Delcourt, rooted in backgrounds with rich and powerful identities, while preserving the company’s inbuilt values of elegance of form and simplicity of design.

The Albert&Ile special edition marks this major anniversary, capturing the spirit of the original while revisiting it in a contemporary key – a markedly affectionate and design-driven open tribute to the company’s founder Alberto Minotti, entrepreneur and father, and to his wife Ileana, always a discreet presence and now Honorary President of the company.

Lastly, the anniversary provided a prime opportunity for the first film-documentary, Minotti Undiscovered. A Matter Of Style, a behind-the-scenes look at the family’s personal and business journey, the company values and the design philosophy of the brand, fuelled by passion and vision. The 38-minute film includes interviews, images and ideas, the steps that have marked the company’s journey and the most significant challenges of these last seventy years.


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