25 July 2019

BIG-GAME. Everyday Objects

Augustin Scott de Martinville, French, Elric Petit, Belgian, and Grégoire Jeanmonod, Swiss, known collectively as BIG-GAME, the brilliant design studio launched at SaloneSatellite in 2005, are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their creative coming together with an intelligent exhibition and powerful and direct storytelling. BIG-GAME. Everyday Objects, at the Mudac in Lausanne until 1st September, is a collection of everyday objects whose formal vocabulary is simple, functional and decidedly optimistic. It is not simply a sterile sequence of objects, rather an immersion into the creative process of this design trio, relating a specific aspect of the inception of each particular piece and providing us with a wealth of anecdotes regarding the designers’ quest for functionality and durability, both crucial elements of their output.

The aim of the group is to create objects for the wider public – tables and chairs, clothes hangers, tableware and decorative pieces, and more besides – that are affordable yet never banal, ensuring that anyone can take home good quality products. Their designs, informed by formal purity and simplicity, craftsmanship, usefulness and elegance – qualities inspired by the Ulm graphic design school in Germany – have won over companies the world over, such as Karimoku New Standard, Alessi, Hay, Magis and Nespresso. Augustin, Elric and Grégoire have not set out to be revolutionary designers, rather to craft a patient re-reading of everyday objects in order to make them less impersonal and more user friendly. This is the cornerstone of their work and of the Mudac exhibition.

BIG-GAME Everyday objects

10 July – 1 September 2019

Mudac. Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts

Place de la Cathédrale 6, Lausanne


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