04 June 2019

Coming up in June
A round up of events, news, curiosities, objects, books and what’s trending in June

Farewell to Pei: the famous Chinese-American architect has died in New York at the age of 102. Winner of the Pritzker Prize way back in 1983, Pei was the only contemporary designer who will be remembered for building a pyramid in the main courtyard of the Louvre, in Paris, in 1989.

Tapio Wirkkala returns to the lagoon: an exhibition devoted to the great Finnish master runs until 29th September at the Glass Museum (Museo di Vetro) on Murano. Curated by Harri Koskinen and Marco Romanelli (catalogue published by Corraini) the exhibition focuses on Wirkkala’s extraordinary glass work, underscoring his ability to design both hugely valuable pieces of art and poetic ‘everyday glassware’.

Inventario no.14 now on sale: a year after the previous edition, the magazine edited by Beppe Finessi is back on the shelves. Inventario, a Compasso d’Oro 2014 award-winner, is a totally unique publishing project – crosscutting, unsystematic, cultured. Not-to-be-missed in this edition are the visit to Alberto Burri’s Cretto in Gibellina, the lengthy interview with Lorenzo Damiani, and Mona Hatoum’s fragile Map made up of glass marbles.

Kounellis in Venice: the first great retrospective dedicated to the artist since his death in 2017 runs until 24th November at the Prada Foundation at Ca’ Corner della Regina. Kounellis, an extraordinarily great master, deserves to be known particularly for his relationship with materials by anyone, at whatever level, who practises the art of design.

Stefano Boeri scenographer: Boeri’s first scenographic project for The Trojans, directed by Muriel Mayette-Holz, runs until 24th June at the Greek theatre in Syracuse. This extraordinarily poetic concept with huge moral content envisions a stage invaded by 300 strong fir trunks (chosen from the thousands that came down in the October 2018 storm in the Dolomites). Euripedes’ suffering/desperate women wander around them as they decry war in general and their grief in particular. The forest is reminiscent of another war and another tragedy, Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Gianemilio, Anna and Piero Monti: a family of architects that channelled the essence of Milanese design – composed, rigorous and fairly ‘urban’ – from the post-war period to 2012. On exhibit for the first time and until 28th June at the Spazio Archivi Storici at the Bovisa campus of Milan’s Polytechnic University at 72 Via Candiani, (curated by Fulvio Irace and Maria Teresa Feraboli).

Bologna – Ex Africa: at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Bologna until 8th September, an exhibition of more than 250 pieces that narrate the art of the dark continent, not just through a meticulous historical review but also including targeted incursions into the contemporary. Demonstrating that Africa is our ‘mother’ in some way.

Michael Anastassiades – new master: a large retrospective is being dedicated to him in Cyprus, his native country. The designer, who was English by adoption, changed the rules of lighting design forever. Things That Go Together is at the NiMAC in Nicosia until 20th July 2019.

Tau – a letter from the Greek alphabet gracing one’s finger: designed by Giulio Iacchetti and unpredictably produced by Danese, Tau is a unisex ring that is not slipped onto the finger but is inserted ‘between’ two fingers (where, we promise, it will stay firmly anchored).

Women and Bauhaus: in the centenary year of the foundation of the legendary design school, why not delve further into the role of the women designers? Through a novel (Theresia Enzensberger, Blueprint, Hachette UK) and an imposing volume (Patrick Rössler, Bauhaus Madels. A Tribute to Pioneering Women Artists, Taschen), for example.

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