04 July 2019

Milan’s design culture: life stories as told by the Vico Magistretti Foundation
Vico Magistretti: the city

“(Milan) is a stimulating city to work in, ugly, but not provincial. You never meet anyone. That's its great advantage: it’s solitary. The same sort of solitude that pervades New York.”

Vico Magistretti, 1980

Office, retail and housing building in Piazza San Marco, 1966-1973

“Another building I like, although lots of people hate it, is the one in Piazza San Marco … that large edifice.” V.M.

The client had particularly asked that the new complex be discreetly multifunctional and respond to a number of precise technical and typological functional demands. The design caters to these demands by being split into different sections and levels, with the commercial activities on the ground floor at street level, the offices on the first floor without balconies and the housing on the upper floors, divided into small, potentially joinable dwellings; and, above all else, provision for an underground garage with reserved parking for each apartment.

Fulvio Irace, Vanni Pasca, Vico Magistretti Architetto e Designer, Electa, 1999

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