27 May 2019

Milan’s design culture: life stories as told by the Vico Magistretti Foundation
Vico Magistretti: la città

“(Milan) is a stimulating city to work in, ugly, but not provincial. You never meet anyone. That's its great advantage: it’s solitary. The same sort of solitude that pervades New York.”

Vico Magistretti, 1980

House in Piazzale Aquileia, 1961-1964

"I remember with pleasure the house I designed in Piazzale Aquileia, a tower, a small tower … quite possibly the best house I ever built in Milan.” V.M.

"Town planning is a programme, a way of creating mono-centric or polycentric cities, it’s a way of organising the transport … we’ve finally realised that cities need to be built on several levels, take Tokyo and its seven levels, for example! Here too (Milan, Ed.), why can’t we get around? Because we should abolish ground floors, most of them, not everywhere, and build two roads: vehicles on the top one and pedestrians below.” V.M.

In particular, given Magistretti’s ability to express himself through his architecture, it is quite evident that his huge knowledge of the characteristics of life and the spaces he has conceived has made him one of the leading interpreters of contemporary interior and domestic design.
Giuliana Gramigna, Sergio Mazza, Milano. Un Secolo di Architettura Milanese dal Cordusio alla Bicocca; Hoepli, 2001

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