06 December 2019

Milan’s design culture: life stories as told by the Vico Magistretti Foundation
Vico Magistretti: the city

“(Milan) is a stimulating city to work in, ugly, but not provincial. You never meet anyone. That's its great advantage: it’s solitary. The same sort of solitude that pervades New York.”

Vico Magistretti, 1980

Tower in Parco Sempione, with Franco Longoni, 1953-1956

“I designed the skyscraper in the park in 1953, opposite the Triennale, with others who were older than me; I made it brown, the colour of a tree trunk, but nobody was buying the apartments, so we whitewashed it.” V.M.

The flats are all equipped with a panoramic terrace, and are all of similar size. Only the dimensions of the living area vary, being inversely proportional to the system of openings (windows, terraces and verandas), which determines the characteristics of each elevation. All four sides of the building are different, thanks to its reinforced concrete structure, which allows for greater compositional flexibility in terms of both layout (giving the option of two-storey apartments) and façade.

Fulvio Irace, Vanni Pasca, Vico Magistretti Architetto e Designer, Electa, 1999

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