01 October 2020

Franca Helg: Milan’s garden tribute to the grande dame of architecture

One hundred years after her birth, the Municipality of Milan has named a garden after her, opposite No. 78 Viale Ortles.

A small, well-deserved homage to a pioneer, an example of female creative emancipation. Franca Helg was born into a family from the Swiss canton of San Gallo in Milan 1920. One of the few women to graduate and work as both a teacher and an architect, she worked with Franco Albini from 1952 onwards and was involved in many of the most successful Albini Studio projects that made Milan great and gained international recognition. Their partnership was marked by a perfect complementarity and great respect. The Albini method – the pursuit of maximum simplicity, paring back and no gratuitous additions – had also become her own credo.

We remember her through this theatrical performance, The Colours of Reason, written and directed by Paola Albini, first presented on International Women’s Day in Milan in 2016, and then in museums, theatres and Italian Cultural Institutes in Italy and in Europe. It is an opportunity to remember the historical post-War context, the birth of design, the climate of hope that prevailed during those years of reconstruction, and to discover the human side of Franca, an example of courage, grace and determination.

Look at the trailer for The Colours of Reason, credentials for viewing the performance in its entirety can be requested from: info@fondazionefrancoalbini.com

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