11 June 2020

Tales of …
An original take on Franco Albini in several voices

The Franco Albini Foundation is broadcasting a video miniseries – 11 episodes, each lasting 5 minutes – that takes a new and crosscutting look at the Master, his work and his method, as told by close collaborators, design historians and architects. It is designed to promote this cultural heritage and make it accessible to the contemporary world.

His son Marco, also an architect, opens the palimpsest with an overview ranging from his childhood to his frenetic professional life with his father. This is followed by the voices of the head of the Albini archives, recognised as forming part of the National Historic Heritage, and of his grand-daughter Paola, who plunge us into more than 40 years’ work and the 22,000 conserved drawings that narrate an infinity of stories and which, one after the other, have breathed life into the Foundation. Giampiero Bosoni, the design historian and professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan, discusses his years of research into the archives and its results. The voice of the veteran guide and events producer at the Foundation illustrates what it means to share Albini’s oeuvre with visitors to the studio, while a young researcher tackles the theme of the impact of Albini’s innovations and the evolution of his method, in terms of both installations and design. Giovanni Luca Minici, an expert on the subject, takes us on an unmissable tour of the Milanese Underground project developed by Albini, Franca Helg and Bob Noorda, which netted them the 1964 Compasso d’Oro Award. There then follows a comparison between architecture in Italy and China, and a discussion on the importance of taking an exhibition on Albini to Shenzen, by the architect Anqi Zhan. Bringing the Foundation’s palimpsest to a close, Giampiero Bosoni is back to tell us how Albini developed a precise method for capturing beauty.

The Franco Albini Academy rounds off the palimpsest with 6 interventions dedicated to the Albini method, as related to dissemination and training and in relation to theatrical training, its empowerment value in the development of one’s talent, to narrative medicine, storytelling and design thinking.

May 13 - October 14 2020


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