17 January 2020

The Vico Magistretti digital archive

The publication of the portal marks the start of the Vico Magistretti Foundation Studio Museum celebrations for the centenary of the Milanese architect’s birth.

As well as artefacts designed by Magistretti, his entire design career is mapped out online through archive documents: 482 projects, of which 310 relate to design and 172 to architecture, along with over 30,000 digital objects. These include technical designs, sketches, project reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, graphic and photographic work, jottings and notes. In short, a complete archive of objects and design and architectural projects, freely available for consultation.

The digital archive project was made possible thanks to the support of the Cariplo Foundation, and was developed by regesta.exe. The graphic user interface design is by Alessandro Antonuccio of hstudio, with scientific direction by Rosanna Pavoni. The historical-critical records were compiled by Rosa Chiesa, Maria Manuela Leoni and Ali Filippini. Digitisation by Icas94.


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