20 March 2020

Milan’s design culture: life stories as told by the Vico Magistretti Foundation
Vico Magistretti: the city

“(Milan) is a stimulating city to work in, ugly, but not provincial. You never meet anyone. That's its great advantage: it’s solitary. The same sort of solitude that pervades New York.”

Vico Magistretti, 1980

Church of Santa Maria Nascente in the QT8 District, with Mario Tedeschi, 1947-1955

Following on from the 1947 call for tenders for the Experimental San Siro District, in 1953 Vico Magistretti and Mario Tedeschi drew up a project for the local church, which was consecrated in 1955 […].

The building, which was innovative in terms of both typology and construction, therefore served to set a sort of lay/religious seal on the QT8 district, symbolic of the years of reconstruction.

Fulvio Irace, Vanni Pasca, Vico Magistretti Architetto e Designer, Electa, 1999

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