29 May 2018

Form vs. matter. Defining style in the kitchen

Rationality and formal purity. Combined with the best technological solutions and, above all, with a strong taste for the textural qualities of surfaces. This is one of the key themes of the latest edition of EuroCucina, an event involving 117 companies all ready to offer new design solutions for environments to be enjoyed at their fullest. Solutions that are increasingly connected to living spaces and so convey greater attention to design and details (as well as to the equipment).

We are faced with a true explosion of rigorous, perfectly laid out kitchens, featuring spacious cabinets to keep everything stored, bookcases and shelves that dialogue openly with the living area, and island units with a sculptural feel. Warm, neutral and highly elegant stages on which the true art of cooking is orchestrated, often told through the performances of renowned chefs (one above all: Carlo Cracco).

Matter plays the leading role: conveyed in all its forms as an element identifying the original feature of the project and connecting the aesthetic solutions chosen in the other parts of the house. With an ever greater mastery in combining noble materials such as wood or marble to latest generation surfaces, such as an extensive range of composite materials made from clay, granite rocks, ceramic pigments, resins, minerals and paper derivatives, which deliver increasingly high performance thanks to the use of nanotechnology. Moving on to precious solutions such as Corten, copper or cast bronze, which bear evidence of a widespread preference for opaque, silky and solid surfaces, often veined or nevertheless marked by the passage of time.

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