30 October 2018

Materials vs Finishes

Signed by some of the most prestigious brands in the furnishing industry, the products showcased at the 14th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Moscow place manufacturing quality above all else. In-depth formal research and meticulous, often sartorial attention to detail have informed this small selection of furniture, accessories, upholstereds, fabrics and lighting appliances, bearing witness to the creativity and excellence that characterise the event. Successful reinterpretations of classic pieces, standard bearers for contemporary design, expressions of modern luxury or, in some cases, reworkings of models from far-flung exotic countries, are all marked out by a uniqueness whose appeal derives from the organic and “concordant” assemblage of all the different elements: select woods and marbles, precious leathers and fabrics, inlays and exquisite stitching and quilting by master craftsmen. All this in an exercise of form vs function that appears to have laid down new aesthetic canons. The dimensions of the upholstereds, often ample and generous, make for maximum user comfort, as in Edra’s Pack sofa, which can be approached from any side by changing the position of the backrest and Visionnaire’s Bastian, with soft leather, nubuck-piped backrests and arms. The varied selection of lamps are like small eye-catching table decorations or spectacular, luminous contemporary sculptures (Kundalini’s Lanna Table, Terzani’s Epoque and Contardi’s Mikado). The latest bath and kitchen spaces bear witness to advanced research into different combinations of materials and finishes, and to ongoing fine-tuning on the ergonomic front, as in Scavolini’s Diesel Open Workshop.

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