18 September 2018

Moscow. The protagonists

The 14th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Moscow at Crocus Expo-2 from 10th to 13th October will feature extremely stylish and precious furniture and objects, strongly geared to the luxury market, yet with a powerful contemporary vibe. Many of the great protagonists, classic names and fashion brands, traditionally associated with a more sartorial approach, will be showcasing oversize seating elements, in which “allure centre stage,” elegance and comfort are the order of the day. Pieces ranging from all-enveloping sofas from Gianfranco Ferrè to Roberto Cavalli and Missoni Home’s stunning armchairs, all of which boast extraordinary attention to detail (both in terms of the pairing of fabrics/velvets/colours and edging or mega-decorative details). There is also a clear and widespread re-reading of “remembered furniture,” embellished with highly tactile precious details, and intended as an integral part of spaces reflecting a very precise style of living. Etro’s Timgad screen, the exotically charming Shinto cabinet from Jumbo Collection and Turri’s Melting Light Collection are just some such examples. Generally-speaking, the ever-increasing selection of tables, chairs, furnishing accessories, lamps, kitchens and bathroom elements reflects the most wide-ranging trends, including the vogue for purity, sobriety and linearity. All statements of a passion for quality products shared the world over.
The next overview, with a roundup of products, is coming up.

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