03 July 2018

Rooms and colours

One of the many strands that emerged at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018 was the urge to give shape to one’s world by means of furniture with powerful narrative properties or with rooms conceived like cabinets de merveilles, chockfull of things. Alongside more sober pieces and displays, aimed at a total look with an international flavour, strongly geared to the contract sector, we saw a return to hyper-expressive furniture and highly decorative, impactful stands.

Actual rooms, steeped in strong colours, in which floors, furniture and walls blend together, generating a two-dimensional, pictorial effect. Take Montana, with its vertiginous shelving systems that explore every possible shade of red, and Shönbuch, which defines the space with a uniformly pink play of cubes, partitions and accessories. There are also many apparently more neutral envelopes that harness an informed play of light/dark/mirrors to set the scene for objects and furnishings with highly imaginative powers (see Edra and the Indian company Scarlet Splendour).

Colour continues to play a key role, as an emotional factor with the power to surprise, set up vibrations and establish an instant dialogue with the user, creeping over tables, upholstereds, chairs, rugs, finishes and even just small accessories. It comes as no surprise this year that even mirrors are “dressed” in orange, yellow and pink (see Glas Design and Talenti), as are the more “technical” worlds – such as kitchens and bathrooms – often defined by continuous walls that combine preciousness of material with strong colours that appear to have been borrowed from the world of art (or comics). Laminam’s display, built on what appears to be a continuous sheet of slabs in Blu Klein, is a case in point.

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