31 July 2018

The geometry of subtraction

Squared lines and sinuous shapes, acute angles and rounded edges, put together in a clever mix of tactile appeal and delicate luxury, characterised some of the most interesting proposals at the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano. Furniture and objects in which the invariable is purity of proportions, achieved through a clever use of subtraction. With the accent on sculpturesque yet modern, slimmed down, the materials extra fine, often iridescent.

A tad retro and a tad minimal, subtle geometry is the star of Alchymia’s Verycalia collection, harnessed to create large, imposing, classically-inspired artistic walls that play on the relationship between lightness of touch and solidity of material, reminiscent of the elegance of origami. Fiam’s new Waves mirrors are asymmetrical and startling, while Punt’s Malmo gentler collection focuses on softly curving wood and stratified layers of precious materials. The geometry is infinitely less palpable and barely two-dimensional in Dornbracht and Cielo’s basins, and in the designer and creator Rosaria Rattin’s accessories for Kose: vases that start off with gentle poetic charm to suddenly become solid presences, while losing none of their powerful, dreamlike quality.

The biggest trend at the Salone del Mobile 2018 was the evolving of materials to take on precious new dimensions, becoming iridescent and engendering multicolour shades and new industrial effects. This goes for both De Castelli’s Marea and Cerasa’s Eden collections, distinguished by unusual lacquers that integrally define body, weight and shape, suggestive of the metaphorical blurring of boundaries of these jewel-like compositions.

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