26 May 2017

Anna Muravina
"Happy Interiors Recipes"

Designer and interior designer, Anna Muravina works in Russia, Europe, and USA.
She is included in the list of the Top 10 Interior Designers in Russia.
In 2004 she was elected Executive Director of the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators (ADDI) - www.Rusdecor.ru.
In 2015, she published Recipes for a Happy Interior, the first Russian language book by a designer with twenty years’ experience in the profession. The press dubbed it the bible of Russian design.

How do you define design?
Design is a creative reinterpretation of space, objects and their interactions.

Design: the first image that comes to mind
For some reason, a sports car comes to mind. Perfectly proportioned, powerful and beautiful. And, of course, red.

What does interior design mean to you and how does it fit into the domestic space?
For me, interior design is an ideal balance of functionality and aesthetics. It is the creation of a new, magnificent world in which people become happier, because their surroundings directly influence their wellbeing and mood. In Russia, ‘interior design’ is a relatively new definition. It has only been in existence for the last 20 years. But in that time interior design has made a huge leap forward in our country, and I can say with all confidence that it is not developing nearly as fast anywhere else in the world.

Where do you look for references for your work and your design approach?
I feel inspired by the nature, art and culture of other countries. Therefore, my main source of inspiration is travelling.

How do you think lifestyles are evolving and what trends are surfacing in your country?
It is hard for me to separate Russian trends from global ones. After all, we do live in a globalist era. Most recently the ‘mid-century modern style’ with its prints and colour combinations has gained popularity. But there are specifics when it comes to designing a home. For example, the kitchen plays a very special role in Russian households. The kitchen is not merely a place where people cook their meals. It is a very ceremonial place and it takes up a significant percentage of the whole design budget.

Despite the fact that most Russian homes have separate dining rooms, the kitchen is the place where guests are received and where families spend most of their time. That is the reason why kitchens are designed more meticulously and are given far more attention than in Europe.

What questions do you start from for a new project?
If it is an interior design project for a private home, then the personality of my clients and the location of the home are my top priority. If it is a commercial interior design project, then the main concept and idea are my top priority. I start work only after the relevant questions are answered.

How do you live your relationship with home?
I value family traditions greatly and for me home is a retreat, it is a place I always want to come back to, where I am loved and valued. In one’s own home, one does not need to be somebody else or play social roles. In one’s own home, one can become real and genuine and can really relax. That is why, for me, the interior design of a home is always an extension of the owner's personality.

Which room in the house do you like best and why?
I love my living room, which is where I spend most of my time. The living room is where I work, rest, read, watch the fire burn in the fireplace, receive guests and eat. It is the most multi-functional room in my house. I live in a country house and in the summer the doors into my garden are always open. In the summer, the terrace really becomes an extension of the living room.