11 September 2019


They are Italy’s interactive, immersive and digital exhibition design dream team. They blend art, architecture, display and design, intercut with new technologies and new media. They gravitate with ease around that middle ground that fluctuates between performance, experience and pure design. They are Laura Dellamotta, Giovanna Gardi, Alessandro Masserdotti, Fabrizio Pignoloni: two architects, a philosopher and a designer who met over 15 years ago and share not just passions and interests but also a pinch of healthy insanity. They set up dotdotdot in 2004. Now, 15 years on, they tell stories through digital technology and devote themselves particularly, but not exclusively, to design and digitisation for museums, both institutional and industrial, coming up with new paradigms and innovative types of visitor experience. Thanks to their diverse skills, they embrace design in all its different facets, using research and experimentation as the basis for drawing up multidisciplinary projects. They work very closely with their clients, but the focus of their projects is always the visitor/user, who becomes the actor and protagonist of the space they shape or on which they are working. Art and poetry, play and imagination are interwoven in their displays, which provide unique and unforeseeable sensory digital experiences. Basically, where dotdotdot is concerned, the wow factor is guaranteed.


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