16 January 2019

Fabio Novembre

Italian design superstar Fabio Novembre is one of the liveliest and most imaginative designers on the contemporary scene, unafraid of astonishing with hugely powerful creative projects or of taking on challenging commissions for all manner of clients. He has just been appointed Scientific Director and Brand Ambassador of Domus Academy, Italy’s first post-graduate design school and research laboratory, founded by Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Alessandro Guerriero, Valerio Castelli and Maria Grazia Mazzocchi.

Novembre says he has taken this on because experience and knowledge need to be shared and passed on in order to enrich younger minds and talents, and pay forward what one has learned from one’s own masters. “At Domus Academy, we are all on an equal footing, the students are partners; it’s as though we are working as a group. What’s the difference? Do they have less experience? Or do they have more energy? Now, that’s a very important point: getting older simply means having a bit less energy but accumulating experience. A youngster with tons of energy, but less experience, balances it all out. As life is simply a matter of balance, and I’m a Libra, this is clearly what was meant to be.”

We met him and interviewed him. His pure energy was infectious and he threw open a window onto his design philosophy.


Opening: Photo by Giovanni Gastel

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