22 July 2019

Lorenzo Damiani

Lorenzo Damiani was truly an enfant prodige. This was obvious to all and sundry around the late 90s, as he made his very young debut at SaloneSatellite. His style and creativity rapidly started to resonate with an international public. Now, 20 years on, Lorenzo Damiani can be considered the rightful heir of the 70s masters of Italian design, Not for nothing, he is the only one of his generation to have had a one-man show at the Achille Castiglioni Foundation, in 2012. From that master’s practice, Damiani gleaned the ability to make the heavy light and to bring opposing forces into harmonious equilibrium. Damiani has the rare ability to make marble elastic, to work a metal sheet to the very limit of its possibilities, to create beautiful objects from what anybody else might just see as a pile of stones. His work is not geared to surprising at all costs, but is inspired by a strong feeling for sustainability and economy of form. He sees design as research, experimentation, and simplification - accompanied by a profound knowledge of production methods. Design is like a bottle at sea that contains a message for change. This informs projects focused on a respect for raw materials, tailored to the end user. Marco Romanelli interviewed him during the last edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

Opening: Photo by Andrea Basile

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